July 27, 2012

Preseason All Big Ten Football Team 2012

Ok, I just can't wait anymore. Between Big Ten Media Day and rewatching UM-OSU and UM-ND, I am ready to start talking Michigan football. We got a little more than a month left until the start of the 2012 College Footbaw season, and I got some things to write about, including the list of the top 5 most important games for Michigan this year. But I figured I'd get started by putting together my Preseason All Big Ten list. 

This list means absolutely nothing, and is subject to change after I get yelled at by my friends. That means you. Feel free to comment with objections and comments. Here we go.

First Team Offense

Montee Ball...dances?

QB- Denard Robinson - Michigan

RB- Montee Ball - Wisconsin (Offensive Player of the Year)

RB- Fitzgerald Toussaint - Michigan

WR- Keenan Davis - Iowa

WR- Antavian Edison - Purdue

TE- Jake Stoneburner - OSU

OT- Ricky Wagner - Wisconsin

OT- Taylor Lewan - Michigan

OG- Chris McDonald - MSU

OG- Spencer Long - Nebraska

OC- Travis Frederick - Wisconsin

PK- Brett Maher - Nebraska

P- Brett Maher - Nebraska

Click below to see First Team Defense and the Second Teams

July 4, 2012

Top 5 Songs about America

Today we celebrate our independence day...

And I just wanted to thank every single person in our history that has ensured that July 4th, 2012 is another day of freedom in America. So here's a list of great songs about 'Murica


Honorable Mention: God Bless the USA. Lee Greenwood. This reminds me of the Cedar Point laser show, which is awesome, but those memories are also filled with Ohioans who flooded Cedar Point, which lacks awes... too many negatives to put on a positive list.

5. Party in the USA
OMG JUST KIDDING YOU GUYZ lulz... sheesh...

5. American Gladiators Theme Song

This time, not kidding.

This is the classic show where genetically perfect half human, half-titans took on the average american, if average americans had less than 5% body fat. This was Vin Diesel vs. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, 1990's style. Outside of the name of the show, there is really no relationship between this show and America, but they did have sweet names like Nitro, Zap, and Viper. 


4. Anything by Kid Rock, but specifically Born Free

I will bow to the shining sea and celebrate God's grace on thee

With Americans more polarized than ever, it's great that someone is out there trying to remind people that we are still the best damn country ever, regardless of political opinions. The original American Badass, Kid Rock has spent the last few years trying to reignite faith and patriotism of Americans and specifically Detroiters. His whole arsenal of songs revolve around enjoying what you have, that and something 30 pack of Stroh's and a 30 pack of hoes... 

Top 3 after the jump...